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Time Master 2010 RTWin 6.5

Why You Should Use Time Master 2000Saving 2-5 minutes of your...

Why You Should Use Time Master 2000Saving 2-5 minutes of your accountants or book-keepers time per week per employee normally spent tallying up time cards is important to you.

Because you want to collect time and attendance information and still process the information in one spot, at the same time, and in just minutes.

Because you want a payroll system that is compliant with local overtime pay rulesTo prevent overpayment to employees and saving your business moneyTo prevent underpayment of your employees and the internal administrative issues this can causeTo prevent employees clocking in for each other and get a real idea of your time and attendance informationTo simply and easily track time against jobs and allocate costs accordingly.

Read more about this on our Time Clock Time Master 2000 Job Tracking page. Knowing who is and isn't at work at a glance gives you better control of your businessTracking and reporting your employee attendance and costs by shift and department gives you a chance to evaluate the performance of your business in more detail.